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Three Card Poker Betting

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A player should be aware how you can place bets in three card poker. The playing area both live an internet-based will have three areas where you place bets. The 3 areas are as follows:

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1) Ante

Here one places a bet at the start of the sport which is mandatory. You place this bet before you see your cards.

2) Play (also known as Raise)

Here one places an amount comparable to the ante if you want to see the dealer's cards. You will be able to see your cards before placing this bet. If you are not happy with your hand, you are able to fold at this stage and do not place any money around the Play area.

3) Pair+

Here you set an optional bet in the hope of you obtaining a pair or better three card poker hand. You can place anywhere here and also you must place this bet before you decide to begin to see the cards you're dealt. Should you choose obtain a pair or better hand you receive paid an additional bonus amount.

The payout from the winnings is decided if the dealers hand "qualifies". The term "qualifies" means when the dealer's hand has a queen high or better hand.

When the dealer qualifies and you beat him, the dealer covers your bet and raise.

If you placed cash on the Pair+, and also you obtain a pair or higher hand, you will still get paid the bonus whether or not the dealer beats you. In this scenario you'd still lose your ante and lift bet though.

If the dealer doesn't qualify with his three card poker hand, the following scenarios could occur:

o Whenever you beat the dealer, you get your ante covered and your raise gets pushed (pushed means you just get the money back).

o When you beat the dealer with a pair or higher and also have placed a bet around the Pair+, you receive your ante covered, your Pair+ bonus and your raise gets pushed.